About us

Masood Hospital started of in 1992 as a 50 bed hospital. Over the years it gradually established its reputation in the city of Lahore as a well equipped and professionally run hospital.

Due to our good managerial systems and adherence to continuous improvement we were able to get ISO 9000 certification in 2001 and were among the first hospitals in Pakistan to get accredited.

In the same year we managed to attract international clients in the fields of cosmetic surgery and renal transplant to avail our services. Since then it has been an ever increasing clientage with international client expansions into orthopedic surgery, neurosurgery and eye surgery. Our current client base extends over four continents in 28 countries of the world and is increasing rapidly.

In 2002 we started our expansion to add more beds to our ever occupied facility. Also added were operation theaters that after nine years of service still haven’t found their match in Lahore and are a rare set of modular theaters in Pakistan.

In March 2006, Masood Hospital became the first hospital in Pakistan to successfully perform a live related Liver Transplant. The success was a result of three years of efforts. For the purpose Masood Hospital took consultancy services from Dr. A.S. Soin, of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital India. Despite the success we were unable to continue the program for long due to certain unescapable bad patches in our corporate life.

We are currently in the process of developing the unit again and going through the process of registration with Human Organ Transplant Authority for Liver Transplant.

CEO Message

I moved to Pakistan twenty years ago with a vision to make my livelihood in my own country by providing healthcare services to my brothers and sisters in my country by developing a healthcare facility of a level and standard that I had seen and trained in for twenty two years of my service abroad. This wish materialized when Masood Hospital opened its doors to the people of Lahore in November 1992. It was a humble start, with a capacity of 17 beds expandable to about 40 beds. However, I was proud of the fact that we had found ways to stay at par with international standards throughout the construction phase and we started running the hospital with the vision to follow international standards of healthcare at all times as well. The cost of such healthcare obviously posed a problem and it has been a vision of this hospital to provide the best possible level of care at an affordable price.

Over the years we have been blessed endlessly by Allah Almighty. Our ranking constantly kept moving up the scale in the healthcare industry as did our reputation among our patients and consultants. The hospital expanded from its initial base of 26 beds to 50. In 2000 we became the first hospital in Punjab to have an integrated ISO 9002 certification. In 2001 we had to add two floors to the existing structure to make it a 78 bed facility. Our repute by this time had made a mark in the international market and we started receiving patients from the Middle East and North Africa for transplants and cosmetic surgery. In March 2006 Allah Almighty blessed us with the honor of becoming the first hospital in the history of Pakistan to have conducted a successful adult liver transplant.

It is also a vision of this hospital to follow the upcoming trends and become an active health promoting facility thus creating awareness among people on how to take care of themselves and make active decisions about their health themselves.

I hope that our efforts have proved worthwhile to our dear patients, guests and customers.

Masood Nasir.

Senior Partner

Mrs. Najma Khaliq


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