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1992 saw a new dawn in the healthcare services in Pakistan. On November 30th 1992 Masood Hospital opened its doors for providing healthcare services to the communities of Lahore. From a very humble start of just seventeen indoor beds, two operation theaters and a small outpatient setup, the hospital, in 14 years, developed to an internationally recognized healthcare facility catering to patients from 28 countries of 4 continents of the world.
From its inception, the management had a vision to create a facility that could provide healthcare according to international standards but keep the financial burden on its patients at a minimum possible. We still move with that vision today and despite excellent standards, our costs are sometimes less than a tenth of our counterparts in the international market.
The hospital infrastructure is built with the modern idea that a healthcare facility should look like a resort and minimize the psychological pressure on the patient of being admitted to a hospital. Starting from the front desk right up to indoor facilities, the entire hospital has been designed to look like a hotel to give our patients a pleasant feeling. Obviously, the factors that are necessary to maintain health safety are thoroughly ingrained in the design structure.

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