Masood Hospital Services

1992 saw a new dawn in the healthcare services in Pakistan. On November 30th 1992 Masood Hospital opened its doors for providing healthcare services to the communities of Lahore. From a very humble start of just seventeen indoor beds, two operation theaters and a small outpatient setup, the hospital, in 14 years, developed to an internationally recognized healthcare facility catering to patients from 28 countries of 4 continents of the world.
From its inception, the management had a vision to create a facility that could provide healthcare according to international standards but keep the financial burden on its patients at a minimum possible. We still move with that vision today and despite excellent standards, our costs are sometimes less than a tenth of our counterparts in the international market.
The hospital infrastructure is built with the modern idea that a healthcare facility should look like a resort and minimize the psychological pressure on the patient of being admitted to a hospital. Starting from the front desk right up to indoor facilities, the entire hospital has been designed to look like a hotel to give our patients a pleasant feeling. Obviously, the factors that are necessary to maintain health safety are thoroughly ingrained in the design structure.


Nephrology deals with the care of the patients with kidney diseases of different stages. It also deals with salt, water and electrolyte disorders and provides various types of therapies like dialysis and kidney transplant.

Over a period of last two decades, Masood Hospital has remained a top hospital in Pakistan to offer nephro-urology care and kidney transplants.

The key services being provided by our department are:

*Regular outpatients clinic

*Inpatient management of patients suffering from kidney diseases

*Critical care of patients in ICU suffering from acute kidney shut down or complications of kidney failure


Our dialysis center has five machines and offers services in two shifts daily six days a week. We also provide inpatient and emergency dialysis facilities. Our patients are particularly fond of our dialysis staff whose competence & experience is surpassed by friendly nature, caring attitude and very strong interpersonal skills.


Heart Problems are a common occurrence among the middle class and upper middle class societies all across the world now. At Masood Hospital we offer a well equipped ICU/ CCU to care for emergency situations like an acute attack of chest pain that is diagnosed as a Myocardial Infarction (Heart Attack) or Angina. Our trained team of ICU staff can independently manage clot buster injections and their immediate complications. For cases requiring further diagnostic probing the hospital offers:

·         Temporary Pacemaker (TPM) Insertion

·         Echocardiography

·         Exercise Tolerance Testing

·         Holter monitoring


Breathing is life. The specialty of Pulmonology & Chest Medicine at Masood Hospital works for the assessment, diagnosis & treatment of breathing difficulties due to various disease processes. We provide:

·         Pulmonary Function Tests with assessment by a Pulmonologist

·         Bronchoscopy with various endobroncheal diagnostic & therapeutic procedures

·         Sleep Studies with positive airway pressure titration

·         Ultrasound guided trucut biopsies

·         Ulterasound guided pleural taps

·         Endoscopy guided percutanious tracheostomies

·         Indwelling pleural catheters

·         Pigtail catheters for pleural drainage

·         Plurodesis

·         Intercostal drains insertions


Masood Hospital’s dermatology department cares for problems of skin, hair, nails and mucous membranes. The department consists of a total of twelve visiting dermatologists both male and female.

The most common problems we treat include

* Acne and Acne scars

* Melasma

* Hair loss

* Unwanted hair on face and body

* Eczema

* Fungal Infections

* Nail disorders

* Dandruff

* Skin infections

*Skin ulcers

* Sun sensitivity

* Urticaria/angioedema

* Hyperhidrosis

* Pigmentation disorders

* Psoriasis

* Pyoderma gangrenosum

* Vasculitis

* Vitiligo




We’ve all heard the saying ”Beauty is only skin deep.” The truth is, feeling confident about your outward appearance can build deep inner confidence that changes the way the world sees you —and how you see the world.

Interventional, Laser and Conventional Cosmetic Dermatology are all carried out at Masood Hospital. We have Laser Hair Removal facilities at the hospital premises and at a satellite clinic in Gulberg. We also perform Hair Transplants both at the hospital as well an affiliated satellite clinic in Gulberg area.

We also offer treatment of

* Birthmarks, Age Spots, Freckles, Pigmentary Changes, Enlarged Pores, Fine Thread Veins, Vitiligo & Acne Scars.

* Phototherapy, Chemical Peels, Soft Tissues Fillers, Botox Injections, Microdermabrasion, Treatment of Cellulite & Skin Whitening Treatments.

* Platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair fall, wrinkles and skin rejuvenation.

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